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Top 3: Arkansas's Urban Legends (#2: The Hook Man)

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Well hello strangers...

And welcome back to Abnormal Arkansas... the blog. Thank you all for staying patient with me this past week as I took some time off to spend quality time with my family, but of course I did not forget about the blog!

This week, I will be releasing two stories, the one today and the normal blog story released on Sunday evening, and I am taking you back to our countdown of some of Arkansas creepiest and strangest urban legends.

Story #3 discussed the "Dog Boy," which I thought was pretty strange, but this week we are getting even stranger. I will be taking you back to the 1940's. This was back in a time where people were very trusting, and crime rates were a lot lower than present day.

Let's take you back to the origins of The Hook Man..


A young man and woman are driving through the back roads of a familiar town. The distance between the homes begins to get longer and longer until eventually the couple are out in what some may consider "the middle of no where." It's dark, and there are no street lights of the city in sight, only the light of the moon and the headlights of their car lighting their way.

The man mentions that he needs to stop to take a break and relieve himself. The woman agrees, but makes the man agree to leave the headlights when they stop so she can see where the man is at all times. She does this for comfort and to not feel so alone as she can't make out anything other than the trees and the stars in the darkness. The car comes to a stop on the side of the road. The woman looks around and sees no road markers or signs showing any indication of where they are. The man gets out of the vehicle and makes his way to the line of trees on the edge of the road, but he keeps his back in line with the headlights to make the woman feel more comfortable. The woman sits there, turning her head to the attention of the radio to give the man privacy. She realizes the radio has been on this entire time, but the volume had been turned down to a low whisper as the man and woman's conversation had blurred out the sound of the radio. The woman turns to radio up to find more comfort in the sound of another person.

A sudden news bulletin comes across the radio and catches the woman's attention. The radio host is discussing the escape of a mental patient from a local hospital. The one attribute that makes the patient stand out is that, instead of having two hands, one of his hand's is a hook. In shock, the woman looks up only to find her boyfriend no where around the car, but standing in the light of the car's headlights is a man.. with a hook for a hand.


You may have heard a familiar story as you sat around a campfire telling stories with some of your good friends. You could have heard this story in one of your favorite horror movies. The story has many variations. Nevertheless, The Hook Man legend is a dark one, and not for the faint of heart. The story inspiring The Hook Man is equally dark...

The legend of The Hook Man is said to have been based off of the "Moonlight Murders," a term created by the media to describe a series of murders that happened around Texarkana and rural parts of Arkansas in the spring 1946 by an unidentified serial killer. This killer would be known as the "Phantom Killer" or "Phantom Slayer."

The killer would end up attacking eight people by the end of his crime spree, with five people ending up dead and three people wounded. The killer's "MO" (modus operandi: mode of operating or reasons behind behavior), would be to attack young couples sitting in their vehicles at night. Although their were suspects investigated in this case, there were no criminal charges sought against anyone. The killer remains a mystery to this day.


The Moonlight Murders are a VERY interesting case.. interesting enough that these will be a topic of the new Abnormal Arkansas podcast! Stick with me, as this week I will be discussing my top pick of Arkansas's urban legends.

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Stay strange, friends.

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