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Top 3: Arkansas's Urban Legends (#1: The Mystery of the Toltec Mounds)

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Well hello strangers...

Welcome back to Abnormal Arkansas! This week, I am wrapping up our Top 3 countdown of Arkansas's craziest urban legends. Also, some good news..

The Abnormal Arkansas podcast will go LIVE in just FOUR DAYS! I am looking forward to releasing the podcast this Thursday on Halloween... just in time for spooky season (but spooky season is year-round here at Abnormal Arkansas).

I'm keeping this story short and sweet this week, folks (in preparation for releasing the podcast this week)! So let's get to his week's story... the mysterious Toltec Mounds.


What are the Toltec Mounds?

The Toltec Mounds make up one of the largest archeological and historical sites in the state of Arkansas. The site is located on approximately 100 acres where 18 hills, or mounds, stand. The three largest mounds stand at 49 feet, 39 feet, and 13.5 feet high, although the original heights of the mounds remain unknown. The mounds are located in Lonoke County, Arkansas. The historical site has been open to the public since 1980 where it became a state park.

The Toltec Mounds are located in Scott, Arkansas within Lonoke County. The mounds sit just outside Little Rock, the capital of Arkansas. Photo credit: Google Maps.

Who were responsible for the creation of the Toltec Mounds?

The Toltec Mounds are said to have been built between the years 650 and 1050 A.D. The people were said to have been a group of Native Americans, known as the Plum Bayou Culture, a nod to their lifestyle and culture. These people are believed to have been hunters and gathers, and they relied heavily on their ability to farm the land. These people lived in small communities around the mounds.

The people were spiritual and religious as archaeologists are confident that the mounds were used for religious purposes, whether it be religious ceremonies or where local religious leaders resided. One significant thing about the mounds were their placement. Researchers discovered that the mounds were laid out to line up with various positions of the sun, which would be important to farming and religious rituals. One of the mounds has also been confirmed as a burial site for the Plum Bayou people.

What mysteries surround the site?

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the site is the people responsible for creating it. The Plum Bayou people can not be compared to any other tribes living in the area around the 1700's. Around 1050 AD, the Toltec Mounds were suddenly abandoned, and the Plum Bayou people unexplainably disappeared. Very little is known about the people and the way they lived. Their disappearance has created an urban legend within the state of Arkansas, as some people are unsure of how the mounds got there.

A photo of just one of the Toltec Mounds. Photo credit:

There have also been some supernatural occurrences surrounding the site of the mounds. Some people have reported orbs and balls of light circling the mounds. Some people have even reported seeing apparitions of indigenous people and chanting coming from the direction of the mounds.


The Toltec Mounds Archaeological State Park is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Sunday. This state park is on my travel list. If you have ever visited the site or ever had an experience there, I would love to hear about it. Send your story to, and let's chat!

Stay tuned for more updates and stories! Again, the Abnormal Arkansas podcast will be live on Thursday! I am really looking forward to sharing more scary and mysterious stories with you all!

Stay strange, my friends!

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