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The Flick Murders

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

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And welcome back to Abnormal Arkansas. This week, I will be discussing something this page has not discussed (and of course it's my favorite topic): true crime.

This week, I will be discussing a murder that happened in the small town of Rector, Arkansas, just a few miles from my hometown, but first..

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I heard about this story my freshman year of high school through my high school math teacher who had went to school with the daughter of the family, Andria Flick. My teacher said she can still remember the story like it had just happened yesterday and how the news shook the town of Rector, Arkansas and the small, rural towns of northeast Arkansas. If you have ever heard of or are familiar with the murders of The Hadley Family or Tyler Hadley, there are definitely some similarities between Tyler Hadley and Aaron Hodge.

It is the week prior to October 14, 1995...

There have been several calls to the Rector Police Department regarding welfare checks to the Flick Home located within the city limits of Rector, Arkansas. Some were locals in town who had not seen some of the Flick family members and other calls were from some of the Flick's family members in Florida who were expecting the Flick family for a visit but had not shown up. The Flick residence consists of 17-year-old Aaron Michael Hodge, his mother 34-year-old Barbara Ann Flick, his stepfather 36-year-old David Earl Flick, and his half-sister 11-year-old Andria Marie Flick. Barbara was a nurse, and David owned his own transmission shop in town. Andria was well-liked by her peers and played basketball for her school.

Rector, Arkansas is a small town in northeastern Arkansas with a population of roughly 2,300 people. The town is very close-knit, and everyone seems to be as close as family. No one has heard from several members of the Flick family this week except for one member: Aaron Hodge. Aaron had been spotted around town driving his stepfather's pick-up truck. One thing stood out to those who had seen him driving around town. According to them, Aaron's stepfather would have never allowed Aaron to drive his truck, especially by himself.

Aaron was attending homecoming festivities the night of October 13 in Paragould, Arkansas (a few miles outside of Rector) when the police were notified of his whereabouts. Since he was the only family member that had been seen around town, the police wanted to speak with him about the whereabouts of the rest of his family since Aaron's family members in Florida were concerned.

Around 1 a.m. on Saturday, October 14, after homecoming festivities, Aaron Hodge was brought into the Paragould Police Station for questioning. When he was asked if he had heard from or seen his family recently, he said that he had heard from them recently, but not that day and that they were supposed to return to the home later that day. He was released from custody where he went back to his home in Rector.

About two hours later, police officers knocked on the door of the Flick residence. This part of the home was set up in an apartment-style where it was separated from the section of the residence. Aaron invited the officers into the part of the house that Aaron was staying in. He stated that he still had not heard from the other members of his family. When the officers asked if they could search the rest of the residence, Aaron told them he did not have access to the other part of the residence and that it had been locked. Before entering the residence, one of the officers had looked in a window of the locked section and saw what looked like a sheet on the floor. When questioned about this, Aaron told the officers that some remodeling was in progress in this part of the residence, and that is one of the reasons he did not have access. Officers went to David Flick's transmission shop where they found a tool box that had been forced open that held money and a pistol. The money and the pistol belonging to Aaron's stepfather were missing. At around 10 a.m. that same day, the officers arrived once again at the Flick residence where they found Aaron and his friend David Gunn speaking outside of the residence. The officers asked Aaron if they could have a word with him about the whereabouts of his family, and Aaron mentioned going with them to City Hall to talk. Aaron got in the vehicle with the police, and they went to the City Hall to speak privately. When asked by officers again where his family was, Aaron told them that his family are at the home.

When asked by officers if his family were alright, Aaron replied "they're dead."

The Crime Scene

Officers left Aaron at City Hall to immediately investigate the Flick residence. Officers forced opened the locked door of the residence. This is what the officers come across that day:

When opening the locked door that Aaron would never let the officers enter, they immediately come across several bodies of the family members. They were already in advanced stages of decomposition. There were sheets, blankets and pillow cases spread across the living room floor and on the couch. When pulling the covers off of the couch, a large pool of blood was found. Stains of blood were found throughout the hallway leading back to the bedroom. It appeared to them that the body that was on the couch had been drug across the floor into the back bedroom. All three of the family members (Aaron's mother, stepfather, and sister) had been shot in the head. It appeared that Barbara and Andria had suffered one gunshot wound to the head, and David had been shot three times in the head. Several .38 caliber shell cartridges were found in the home. These cartridges matched the gun that was taken from David Flick's toolbox in his transmission shop.

After searching the home, the officers went outside to search David Flick's truck that Aaron had been driving that week. They found bloody clothing along with a pillow that appeared to have a bullet hole in it.

The Court Proceedings, Witness Claims & Aftermath

David Gunn, Aaron's friend, stated that Aaron had approached him and asked him to drive him up to his stepfather's transmission shop around 11:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 8, 1995. Aaron did not have keys to the shop so he broke in and stole $30, a pistol, holster and ammunition. He then loaded the gun and asked David to drive him to a nearby cemetery would he could take a second to think. A short time later, Aaron got back into David's vehicle where David took Aaron back to his (David Gunn's) home. David said that Aaron had walked home carrying the gun and did not see or hear from Aaron until the following day at school where he spotted Aaron driving his stepfather's truck. David Gunn told the investigators that six months prior to the murders, Aaron had told him that he was going to kill his stepfather by hitting him over the head with a wrench and bury his body afterwards.

Some witnesses testified that they had been invited to house parties at the Flick residence the week prior to Aaron admitting to killing his family. There had been several parties in the apartment of the residence. They stated that the rest of the residence was locked, and they were not allowed to enter. Witnesses stated that Aaron acted completely normal the week after the murder of his family. He had even drove several of his friends around town and to the movies in his stepfather's truck. Aaron had even told many of his friends that this week had been "the best week of his life." Evidence even showed that Aaron had been using his stepfather's credit card and business checks to throw parties and make purchases throughout the week.

Present Day

To this day, no one knows the true reason for Aaron Hodge committing the gruesome murders that day in October of 1995. Aaron had stated before that his stepfather was violent toward him and his mother. Some believe that Aaron did this for financial gain and to finally have no one in his life control him. According to friends of the Flick family, Barbara and David had confided in them about Aaron, stating that they were afraid of him and what he was capable of. With Rector being such a tight-knit town, the family is still talked about to this day. The case is so controversial because of Aaron's young age and the fact that no one could see a 17-year-old committing the coldhearted act of murder on his own family.

Aaron Hodge remains in prison, even after his case being brought back to court in 2015, discussing Aaron's age and whether or not it was justifiable to sentence a juvenile to life in prison. According to the State, his charges would remain the same, and Aaron would never be able to appeal his sentence or be placed on parole. Aaron is currently serving three consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole.

This is the most current photo of Aaron Hodge. He is currently serving three consecutive life sentences for murdering the three members of his family. Photo credit: Kait8 News

The Flick house located in Rector has since been torn down. One thing is for sure, I have driven by that house several times while being in Rector and an unexplainable aura of darkness surrounded the house. You could look at the home and get a horrible feeling in your stomach that just told you that something was very different about the property or that something unexplainably horrible had happened there in the past. I can easily say I am happy to see the house no longer standing.

If you would like more details on the case or would like to read more witness stories, I suggest reading the court documents recording the evidence and Aaron's testimony. Here is the link:


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