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Abnormal Arkansas is a community for those who love to hear stories that others may categorize as abnormal or strange. Abnormal Arkansas covers the darker side of the unexplained and human behavior. Abnormal Arkansas features a blog and podcast covering darker topics, such as true crime, mysteries, disappearances, urban legends, and anything out of the ordinary in the state of Arkansas and the Mississippi Delta states. 

Abnormal Arkansas was the brain-child of the founder, Lauren. Lauren graduated in May of 2019 from Arkansas State University with her bachelor's degree in Strategic Communications. After graduating college, Lauren looked for ways to incorporate her degree into her every day life. She grew up watching Forensic Files and Ghost Hunters with her mother. Lauren loves to read books and blogs on serial killers, psychology, and weird occurrences within the world. So why not combine her love for the unexplained with her love for communications? Lauren created Abnormal Arkansas with the hopes of connecting to others who share her strange obsession with the abnormal.